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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a wide selection of personal assistance available at Medico to choose from as per your required services, duration and convenience of timings. We offer the most customized, safe affordable and trustworthy services on your fingertips. You just have to go to app and make selection while comparing the services and payables. As soon as you are done, you can directly connect your personal assistant and start getting services.
Each personal assistant provided by Medico has to pass through a critical examination and checking process before registration as we are highly concerned about our clients’ safety and good health. Every person that is availed to you is a skilled and experienced nursing personnel with proper medical degrees, the character certification as well as the police verification.
Medico aims to cater all your health and care assistance requirements. Our home nursing care services include vaccination, post-surgical care, maternity care, child care, elder care, rehabilitation treatment, and other medical and non-medical services with proper companionship and supervision.
Each personal assistant is trained physically and mentally to handle emergencies while being equipped with basic first aid and emergency medical kit. At the same time Medico app has a specific feature for emergency situation that covers immediate contact with ambulance, concerning doctor and of course you.
In this case, you can simply ask for service change with an appropriate reason and Medico team will provide you another personal assistant to better serve your requirements. All your complaints will be taken seriously and after proper will be taken in this regard.
Every personal assistant that is appointed by Medico is under the agreement of company and concerning hospital, so need not to be paid additionally. Any demand for tip or anything else should be reported to Medico helpline.

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