Give your kids a healthy lifestyle

Sounds weird but being a child in 21 st century is not a child’s play. In such a small age modern day children are facing many health challenges, particularly in the urban settings.

Being overweighed and obese is major of them. An obese child is more likely to have diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, bone and joint problems, irregular mensuration in girls and many health issues in future. Such little ones also have to deal with the emotional issues as well and they often suffered with low morale and self-esteem. An overweight child is often bullied and teased which can lead them towards isolation and depression also.

It is highly considerable issue but also preventable if we make some positive changes in our family lifestyle such as how we eat, exercise or spend time together. A person becomes overweight due to diet habits, lack of physical activities, genetics or a combination of all these.

Today we are in love with the food which is quick, easy and very tasty. The fat-filled pre-packed food is the most preferred choice for our meal over the healthier meals. Portion sizes are also getting larger. Similarly, instead of playgrounds or gardens, kids’ favourite pass time is watching TV and other electronic devices. As per a research, the kids having TV in their bedroom are more likely to be overweight. These kid also subjected to comparatively less physical, mentally and emotionally strong than those who spend at least 1 or 2 hours daily in outdoor physical activities.

Family plays an important role here. As an interesting fact, people in same family often have similar eating pattern and level of physical activities. If one of the parents is overweight, there are more chances of child to get obese.

If parents are ready to take timely action against the obesity, they can help their children in overcome obesity and its harmful consequences. They are recommended to change their overall earing pattern by adding a variety of healthy food in meals. Additionally, they should encourage the kids to participate in sports, dance or other physical activities. Having at least one meal each day together and regular family walk are good habits that helps not only to keep your entire family healthy but also connected to each other as well.

Every doctor suggests the parents to talk to kids about the importance of eating well and being active. You can be a role model by eating well, exercising regularly, and building healthy habits into your own daily life. Make it a family affair that will become second nature for everyone.

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